A Change of Season 

Exit Message From Our Founder

The Julia Project Foundation

October 3, 2014

As I look out my office window on this bright sunny day, the wind is blowing down leaves from the trees in our yard. It marks the change of a season as they gather like a colorful carpet on the lawn.

There is another change of season happening that I need to share. Sensing God speaking to my heart to lay down The Julia Project, I have tendered my resignation.

This very difficult decision comes after many months of prayerful consideration and personal inventory-taking. I know it's the right thing to do. As we all know, being obedient and doing the right thing is NOT ALWAYS EASY.

For a time we felt things were shifting, and we were realigning to a fresh start in a new direction. It was not for me to take it there, as it turns out. No one on our team wanted to step up to the leadership role to take it there either. Therefore, we will begin the process of closing The Julia Project Foundation.

My deepest regret and sorrow is what will become of the children that we are currently sponsoring. My greatest peace is in knowing that they belong to God, and it's His call to sort it all out. A dear friend soothed some of the ache in my heart when he said that the poor will always be among us and there will never be an easy time to do this.

We choose to look back over these past seven years and celebrate all the wonderful things that have been accomplished. With your help and the amazing support of sponsors, donors, community businesses and friends like you, we have touched the lives of many, many children and their families.

Our goals have been met, our purpose realized, and our hearts both joined and forever changed. As our tag line always said: Together we can make a difference! We most surely have.

My humblest thanks to you for being a part of it.

Signing off for the last time as President/Founder,

Jill Carty

The Julia Project Foundation Has Closed