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Companies Donate To The Julia Project

We receive business donations to The Julia Project Foundation, and we are proud to salute these businesses who have come alongside us in our efforts to help poverty stricken children around the world.

These corporate citizens recognize the importance of giving back. Corporate donations made through the efforts of these special business owners and managers, directly impact the lives of hurting children who simply cannot help themselves.

Donate Money To Charity And
Build An Employee Team Dynamic

In our fast-paced world, and especially in the world of commerce, every second seems to count. We're always honored by those who stop their money-making treadmills to gather their employees together to reflect on the needs of others.

Outward thinking produces a strong team building dynamic for many of these businesses. We hear stories of excited motivation in the workplace when we learn how their team decision to donate for a cause pulls them together.

Business donations speak not only to the business team of managers and employees coming together. These givings also speak to their customers and the local community.

It's an important voice that speaks to the young lives it touches, the young lives who cannot move forward without the vital direct interventions from others who care. That's a good feeling and a win-win situation.

We salute the following businesses that have helped...

Bell's Signs

One of the first businesses to support our efforts was Bell's Signs, Selwyn, ON. This local sign shop has generously donated event signage whenever we've asked for their help. A big Thank You to owner/operator, Ted Bell, and his family.

Galaxy Cinemas

Ryan Carty and Lorraine Gamble of Galaxy Cinemas Peterborough

Galaxy Cinemas Business Donations Recognition Presentation
Ryan Carty and Lorraine Gamble

Galaxy Cinemas, Peterborough, support us by allowing our coin boxes to be placed at various ticket sales and food sales venues throughout the theatre.

Thank you to General Manager, Lorraine Gamble, and to Senior Operations Manager, Ryan Carty who initiated this campaign.

We also thank the enthusiastic employees who contribute when they can, and who encourage us with their excitement about being a part of Ryan's parent's own initiative to start The Julia Project Foundation.

Tim Hortons Renfrew

Donald Carty of Tim Hortons Renfrew and Jim Carty of The Julia Project Foundation

Tim Hortons Business Donations Recognition Presentation
Donald Carty of Tim Hortons - Renfrew, and Jim Carty

Family plays a further role in our corporate donations program through the generous prizes donated by Donald Carty, owner of Tim Hortons, Renfrew Ontario.

Donald, our founders brother-in-law, has a generous heart towards our work and is eager to help whenever asked.

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza Logo

Boston Pizza, Peterborough, is another participant in our corporate donations program. They have offered us several incentives, such as a coin box at the sports bar, and special Celebrity Server events where different Julia Project Board members and volunteers serving Boston Pizza patrons, get to share about the work of The Julia Project.

We are part of their "Team Sponsorship Program," where patrons mark the back of their food bills with The Julia Project and drop them in a designated collection box. We then receive 10% of the food bill totals as a donation. Go Team Julia Project!

Classy Chassis & Cycle

Classy Chassis & Cycle Donation To The Julia Project Foundation

Classy Chassis & Cycle Business Donation Presentation
L-R: Charlene Munn-Hinan, Jill Carty, Jim Carty, Kandace Anshen

Classy Chassis & Cycle just outside of Lakefield, Ontario, donate the use of their facilities for our annual Motorcycle Charity Ride.

They surprised us with a generous cash donation of $500 during the presentations at our first event. Another example of how important business donations are to us in our fundraising efforts.

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Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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