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Motorcycle Ride For The Julia Project Foundation

A charity motorcycle ride in The Kawarthas and Lakefield, Ontario to support our efforts helping HIV aids orphans and children in poverty.

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African School Kids

African school kids face daily challenges to their basic survival. The Julia Project Foundation wants to make a difference for hurting children in poverty.

Continue reading "African School Kids"

Facts About Kenya - A Detailed Kenya Country Profile

Our Kenya country profile shares facts about Kenya, a beautiful nation in East Africa. Learn details of Kenya's people, their land and culture, and history.

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Haiti Food Recipes

Our collection of Haiti food recipes is predominantly influenced by French and African cuisines and has a Latin-Caribbean flavor.

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Kenya Food Recipes

Our Kenya food recipes offer a wide assortment of main dish entrees as well as desserts from the different regions of Kenya.

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Ugali Recipe From Kenya

Try an authentic ugali recipe for making a nationally famous cornmeal dish common to many parts of Africa, and a staple food in the Swahili diet.

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November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget!

We pause throughout our day, especially at 11:00 am, to remember with much thanksgiving, the many soldiers who have fought to keep Canada free.

Many children The Julia Project assists in other lands don't have that same privilege.

Children In Haiti

The Julia Project Foundation helps children in Haiti. Haitian children struggle against child labour, hunger and malnutrition and disease.

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Shrove Tuesday

If you're keeping with the tradition of eating pancakes today, give this English Pancake recipe a try.

This website, owned by our advisory board member, Don Bell, is an amazing collection of yummy recipes and interesting nostalgia.

We know you'll enjoy it all!

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Kenya Needs Peace

Violence and political tensions still run high in Kenya.

The Human Rights Watch understands the need for unity and peace.

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Call for Mishkeegogaamang Donations

A little reminder that December 7th is our cut-off date for clothing and sports equipment donations needed for Mishkeegogaamang.

Have a look to see what items are needed, and thanks for your support.

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Shootings in Garissa, Kenya

Our dear missionary friend, Joan Ward, just forwarded details of yet another fatal attack in Garissa Town, Kenya.

Suspected to be an act of terrorism, three soldiers were shot dead by unidentified assailants, leaving the town under heavy military security.

Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends in Garissa, especially to the children we know and love so dearly.

In July, 15 were killed in raids on churches, and on November 5, a grenade attack on a Garissa church killed one police officer and left 11 injured.

3KDF Soldiers Shot Dead In Garissa

Fundraiser Dinner October 20th

Our fundraiser dinner is almost here. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, now's the time.

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First International Day of the Girl Child

Oct 11 2012 – The United Nations first International Day of the Girl Child

This day is set aside to create awareness of the abuses and stresses many young girls around the world face each day.

In particular, this year’s theme is focused on ending child marriage, and stressing education as one of the strongest strategic measures to have in place to protect girls from harmful practices.

Staying in school builds a foundation for a healthier and more equipped girl to succeed in society. Many girls in third world countries, don't get this chance.

Here at the Julia Project Foundation, 75% of the students sponsored through the Laurie St Pierre Scholarship Fund, are girls.

We salute the United Nations in this effort.

For the full report see:UN International Day of The Girl Child

Continue reading "First International Day of the Girl Child"

Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for, here, in this great nation of Canada.

Today, and tomorrow, many families will gather together to share a bounty of food, exchange warm stories as they get caught up on each others busy lives.

In the midst of all the celebrating, let's reflect on 'our kids' who, because of HIV Aids, might not have a family to share with. They might not have a bountiful meal - in fact, perhaps no meal at all, and no warm stories.

Through our connections with them, I believe we are their 'far away' family, and we remember them with thanksgiving today.

We remember our donors with thanksgiving. Every little bit that we put together, makes something bigger:

big enough to put a child in school

big enough to put a meal in their stomach

big enough to know they're not forgotten and alone

big enough to spread some thanksgiving their way

Thanks for all you do to help us/them. Together we can make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Julia Project Foundation!

Jill CartyFounder-President

Fall Fundraiser Dinner

You're Invited To Dinner!

Check out all the details of our fall fundraiser dinner, coming up on October 20th.

All proceeds of our evening are designated to The Laurie St. Pierre Scholarship Fund

Continue reading "Fall Fundraiser Dinner"

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