Laurie St Pierre International
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Educational Assistance
For Children In Poverty

International student scholarships are important tools in helping educate children in need. The Board of Director's established The Laurie St Pierre Scholarship Fund in 2009 to honor the memory of a dear friend to many of us at The Julia Project Foundation. 

Laurie had a keen love of education, and a true passion for children. This educational scholarship fund for children in poverty was created to provide special education funding for those who have the desire and skills to further themselves, but are hindered by lack of finances to do so.

About Laurie St Pierre

Laurie St Pierre Honored With Scholarship Fund

Laurie St Pierre

Laurie home-schooled her own four children with a standard of excellence, and alongside her husband, Mark, they served as children's ministry leaders with a deep dedication.

Laurie had a natural talent to make learning fun, and was a very creative writer of children's skits and curriculum. She could work a hand puppet like no other, and few of us will forget the wit and humor she displayed bringing her friend "Fredrico" to life for all to enjoy — adults and children alike.

On our founder's first mission trip to Kenya in 2007, before The Julia Project Foundation was born, Jill (Carty) was overwhelmed with a mixture of sorrow and great joy, to receive Fredrico as a gift.

Jill gave him, and a suitcase of other puppet friends, to a Pastor's wife in Garissa, Kenya. Milly and her husband John, were pastoring a small church in the community, and had no supplies for their children's ministry.

When Jill asked whether they might need any resources, their abounding "yes" prompted an on-the-spot puppet show from behind the couch. Jill's puppeteer experience was limited, but the basic teaching was passed on.

All the puppets were left in their good care, and Jill brought back this heart warming story to the St. Pierre family. As other hands now reach up inside Fredrico, and bring him to life for the African children in Garissa, a piece of Laurie lives on. How great is that!

About Our International Student Scholarships

The Julia Project Foundation will award scholarships for international students to children, depending on the scholarship recommendation letter, who in the view of an educational worker, fulfill the criteria and the spirit of the scholarship.

The recommendation will be from someone known personally by The Julia Project Foundation board member(s), or from a referred person of someone known to us.

Merit Based Scholarships

The international student scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • The recipient(s) will have a monetary need that hinders them from continuing their education.

  • They will show initiative towards furthering their education, and meeting goals.

  • Preference will be given to team players who are an example to others in regards to community involvement and demonstrate a desire to help their community as a whole.

  • They are primary or secondary level graduates.

  • The funds, managed by an agent of The Julia Project Foundation, will be used within one calendar year towards school fees, and where appropriate, school related supplies and clothing. There are renewal possibilities.

  • Preference will be given, but not limited to students ranking in the top 25% of their class.

International Student Scholarships Recipients

In 2010, our first scholarship recipients, African children from Nairobi, were asked to send us their individual scholarship application letter. They shared testimonies of difficult family situations, mixed with their dreams for a better future.

Each student awarded the funds, wrote us their own scholarship thank-you letter with expressions of gratitude, promises to do their best, to help their families and others in their community. Our hearts were deeply touched.

These African children living in poverty are now assured of a daily meal through their school feeding program. For most, that will be their only meal that day.

They are assured of a sense of belonging and community, essential to the well being and development of any child. They have the hope of attaining their goals and finding careers to help them find the way out of their poverty and discouragement.

All donations towards these goals are gratefully accepted.

Click Here for examples of how your donations are helping deserving kids to obtain higher education.

Together we can make a difference!

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Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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