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Ugali - A National Dish of Kenya

Ugali And Vegetables

Enjoy looking at our Kenya food recipes on the following pages. Maybe you'll be inspired to serve up a special "African night" menu at your home soon!

Kenya food comes from a background of rich multicultural heritage. Many of Kenya's recipes reflect this heritage in different regions across the country, influenced by Arabic, Indian, and English food styles.

While the main staple dishes are rice, bread, chapati, and vegetables, no Kenya recipes collection would be complete without recipes for what many would deem to be one of the national dishes of Kenya — Ugali.

Kenyan food recipes call for ingredients influenced either by the historical people of a particular region and by the food sources available to its region.

Regional Food Choices

Today's Kenya food recipes are not only derived from traditional African dishes, but also tribal delicacies, and Arabian and European cuisine that many tribes have adopted over the years.

Foods of the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean reflect the Arabic influence where rice and fish, flavored with coconut, tamarind and exotic spices are relished.

People in the rural country areas eat more beef, chicken, goat, and fish. They would be served with rice and vegetables that are also an important part of Kenyan cooking.

Vegetable curry is a very popular dish in the country regional areas. Vegetarians can find lots to eat in potatoes, vegetables, omelets, and pasta. Fruits are plentiful and are often served as a salad at breakfast or dessert for dinner.

And don't forget snacks like the delicious fried bread called Mandazi, a popular treat in the Swahili areas of Kenya.

Kenya Meal Menu

The Mainstays

The staples served at most daily meals consist of potatoes, beans, rice, and cornmeal mash. These cost-effective fillers are sometimes supplemented with a meat sauce.

Festival Fare

Large amounts of Nyama Choma would be served at more festive times. This barbecued meat (usually goat) could easily be named as a national dish of Kenya, as could the porridge-like dish called Ugali, made from white cornmeal.

As for fruits, there are bananas, pineapples, and papaya available year-round, as well as citrus fruits when in season.

People in the country tend to eat more beef, chicken, goat, and fish accompanied by rice and vegetables. Vegetable curry is a very popular dish for the country regional people.

Kenyan Breakfast

Local fruits, such as mangos, pawpaw, pears, oranges, and pineapple are commonly served at breakfast. These would be accompanied with eggs, if available, cereal, such as porridge with a bit of sweet milk and, of course, the wonderful and famous Kenyan coffee.


Major exports of the world famous Kenyan coffee and tea make them an excellent choice. Kenyans also like their beer and are famous for their Tusker beer, which is a number one choice, as well as White Cap beer. Brewing beer provides a thriving industry.

Wines produced from grapes growing on the slopes of Lake Naivasha, close to the Equator, are very good. The white wine, produced from sauvignon white and green grapes is called Naivasha. The red is from a blend of grapes and is called Ol Doinyo Keri.


Roasted corn on the cob is a common snack food found along the roadside in the agricultural areas. Other snacks include Mandaazi, a deep-fried sweet-dough cake. Also enjoyed is Egg Bread, a wheat pancake filled with fried eggs and minced meat.

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