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Welcome to our special Kids Discovery Zone. It's a place featuring kids who are making a difference in the lives of children in poverty around the world. Come discover some amazing kids helping other kids, in action. Come discover some of the amazing kids being helped. 

We're always excited to feature applicable stories about individual children and groups who want to help. You might like to organize a fundraiser yourself, like Julia and Madison did. Of course, school fundraisers would be a great fit in fulfilling our vision to see kids helping kids.

Teachers, please Contact Us and let us know about your fundraiser ideas and projects, and you might just see yourself featured in our Kids Discovery Zone too.

Meet Some Amazing Kids

We believe that kids really can make a difference. It's always refreshing to catch the natural zeal of children wanting to help. Unlike some of us adults, children often don't have inhibitions and logical reasoning getting in the way of achieving their goals. A little imagination and creativity can unleash some pretty positive results as they set out and "just do it."


Julia And Farley

Julia And The Family Dog, Farley
Photo ©Sarah, used by permission 

Little Julia, at only five years of age, impacted a school in Garissa, Kenya, with the 1700 pennies she saved and donated to those less fortunate than herself. Her compassion inspired the name for The Julia Project Foundation itself.

Meet Julia For The Full Story


Madison With Her Pen Pal Letter From Garissa, Kenya

Madison Gets A Pen Pal

Madison wanted to help too. Following Julia's lead, she also collected money, this time going door to door in her neighborhood. Madison and her family also donated small toys, games, books, and goodies for our African school children.

Madison Wearing Her African Dress

Madison Wearing Her African Dress

In the photo above, Madison proudly shares her pen pal letter from Garissa, Kenya, while wearing her gifted Somali dress.

Meet Madison For The Full Story

The Peterborough Children's Chorus

The Peterborough Children's Choir

The Peterborough Children's Chorus Performing

The Peterborough Children's Chorus donated their talent and time at our Garden Party Fundraiser in June, 2008, to help raise funds for Kenyan school children. The award winning choir performed a special African song accompanied with a dance that they had learned just for the occasion.

Meet The Peterborough Children's Chorus

Local Children

Our children's charity was chosen as the international project featured at a local Vacation Bible School this past summer, to bring awareness of the needs of others less fortunate in other countries. A lovely story of local Canadian children helping children in Garissa, Kenya.

Meet These Kids For The Full Story


Here's another great story in our Kid's Discovery Zone; it's about a young college age student named Lisa who contacted us in November, 2009, with her idea to help African children.

Meet Lisa For The Full Story

Kids Being Helped

Nicolas, Garissa, Kenya

Jill And Nicolas, Garissa, Kenya

On our first trip to Kenya during my time volunteering at the little school in Garissa, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nicolas. This special young man has captured a place in my heart.

Click Here To Meet Nicolas

Discover Some Amazing Countries

We realize that not everyone can go to other nations themselves, especially not children. Our special kids zone is also a place to explore other cultures. Children can explore our country profile pages to learn about specific countries and communities that we are working in.

Learn some history, geography, and catch a bit of adventure. It's a great way to experience other cultures and to learn about the daily issues facing children like themselves. 

Facts About Kenya — People, Languages, History, Economy, Etc.

Facts About Haiti — Anthem, People, Culture, Customs, Etc.

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Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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