My Website Dream Comes True

An Unexpected Solution

Learn how my website dream did come true, but first let me share a little bit about another dream.

Our children's charity was "birthed" in January 2008, in fulfillment of a lifelong desire to help children in need.

Now, the real work would begin! Lots and lots of administrative tasks, much learning and planning, and many long nights of putting in extra hours at the expense of quality time with my very understanding husband.

The Problem

To be "competitive" in the fast-paced world of technology and get our charity known to others, we were going to need a website. That seemed like a far-off dream at the time, so I put it on the back burner.

Starting on any new venture usually means that resources aren't too plentiful. Any funds that we were receiving or raising were being carefully directed to the needs of hurting children.

On the recommendation of a good friend, I was introduced to SiteSell, an e-commerce company with a solid, friendly, and very supportive base.

For someone like me, with no idea about how to build a website, and limited technical skills, Site Build It! 2.0, or SBI! for short, has been a God-send.

The Good News

I learned that I didn't need to have any programming skills, or web design knowledge, or online business training to get started. SBI! supplies all the necessary tools and know-how in an easy to follow format.

How great it was to learn that I didn't have to spend months learning about Internet technology or spend a lot of money on expensive software and advertising.

Better still, I could save our charity thousands of dollars by not having to pay someone else to build the site! A bonus is knowing I have control over the site and can do our own updates and maintenance any time and from anywhere in the world I want. What a great bonus as Jim I have planned for more missions trips to further our work.

My website dream was starting to look as if it could become a reality.

It Just Kept Getting Better

I quickly learned that other internet novices just like me were writing about all kinds of topics, hobbies, and skills.

They were making good money with their sites and enjoying the freedom to pursue their dreams and life goals.

If They Could Do It, Why Couldn't I?

Learning how Site Build It! works, encouraged me to follow my website dream. What a great way to bring in some extra funding to our charity as well as solve my need for a site at the same time?

The Result

Bringing online readers updates of our projects, fundraising events, and sharing the story of little Julia and who we are has never been easier.

Even sending contacts that we meet at speaking engagements or events to the website has proven to be the best way to allow them to check us out more closely at their leisure.

We've had some significant donations and fundraising help from corporations that "loved" our website and took the time to read about us.

Doors for speaking engagements have opened to us as well, and who knows what other blessings will come our way.

As you can see, many of these great results delivered my website dream, and more!

Why Not Give It A Try?

Why not earn money online by sharing information about something you already know about or are working at?

You could be saying "I've found my website dream" too, and be on your way to building a successful home-based business, or driving more sales to your local business in your community.

Maybe you're like me, and you'd like to promote your favorite charity.

You might be a student, a stay-at-home mom, a laid-off worker, a professional person, or a semiretired senior citizen. We all have a skill or some useful information that someone else wants. And who couldn't use some extra income?

The video below might inspire you a little further. It's a powerful testimony of a life changed through SBI!.

I'm Happy To Share My Dream With You

SBI! 2.0 offers a trial run and has a money-back guarantee. Straight up and no false promises. It delivers all it says it will, and I'm delighted to recommend SBI! to you, because I know it works.

If you decide to subscribe to Site Build It! through the links below, you're on your way to starting your own online business today, and our charity will receive a referral commission that helps support our work around the world.

I think that's a win-win situation all the way around.

All the best,

Jill Carty, Author's Signature

Jill Carty, Author and Founder of The Julia Project Foundation

P.S. If you have any questions about SBI!, Click Here for information.

Click Here to see what other people are doing, to explore the possibilities, and to learn about the risk-free trial version of SBI!.

If it's not for you, just return it for a full money back refund.

No catches — I promise!

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Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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