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What We're Doing Around The World

Through our projects to help children, we want to affect the lives of children in poverty around the world. Children are the leaders of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, they are also the defenseless in the face of poverty, abuse, child sexual exploitation and child labour operations.

We want to bring poverty stricken children hope by equipping them with the educational tools they need to change their circumstances. We believe that by changing children we can change their communities.

Reducing Poverty Through Education

Little Mish Girl

The Children's World Report (June 2013) reminds us that we can help to reduce poverty by educating children.  It's the way to equip the next generation with the proper tools to fight poverty and disease.

We are reminded that schools provide a safe environment for children by offering support, supervision and socialization experiences.

Life skills are learned that can help teach them how to avoid HIV/AIDS and malaria and how to prevent other diseases.  School children often get life-saving vaccines, a daily meal and fresh water.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2011 reported that 67 million primary school age children are still denied education.  We believe that every child deserves the right to an education, despite their circumstances.

Our focus is to provide both special education funding and free job training opportunities according to the needs and ways of each culture.

We further believe that given the chance through Micro Business Loans, many older children and adults with an entrepreneurial spirit can overcome their circumstances and move towards a more prosperous future.

Our projects to help children also offer opportunities through sponsorship funding provided through our Laurie St. Pierre Scholarship Fund.

Have you caught the spirit of what we're building and where we want to go? Please consider joining us as we move forward to bring hope, relief and purpose to children in poverty, bound by circumstances beyond their control.

Funding Higher Education — Secondary School Support

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Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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