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This page is about our Site Policies. Our desire is to earn and maintain your trust, and to present you with an informative and enjoyable online experience.

Privacy Policy

We really value our privacy on the Internet. We always choose to remain anonymous until we feel that a Web site or forum can be trusted with our personal information. And we believe that while you are a guest on our site, you should be afforded the same respect in your right to privacy.

Your personal information is important. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive Privacy Policy to disclose our information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.

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Child Privacy Policy

he Internet has a tremendous attraction for children and young people. It is truly a rich resource for children's information and entertainment — the good sort. Unfortunately, there is a bad side to almost anything that is good, and it often seems the greater the good, the greater the bad. So you have to be careful.

There will no doubt be some children who will visit this Web site. After all, there are children and youths interested in children's charities, and some might even be involved in gathering research material for a class project.

As parents, you need to be aware of the site policies of Web sites that your children visit so you can be assured that your children will be afforded a safe visit. Therefore, we have created a Child Privacy Policy to disclose our information and dissemination practices as they relate to children visiting this Web site.

We have also included some practical Internet Child Safety Tips to make your child's online experience safer and more pleasant. Internet safety for kids is important!

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A Disclaimer concerning the contents of our Web site, and the safe use of the information available on our Web site.

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Compensation And Affiliation Affidavit

An affidavit concerning compensation and affiliation of with SiteSell.

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Terms Of Use

True enough, legal stuff like site policies can be boring to read, but we encourage you to read our Terms of Use before using this Web site. Essentially, they cover important areas like copyright restrictions on the use of our online materials, submission of your online material to us, and our limitation of liability.

By using this Web site you automatically agree to our Terms of Use, so you should know what they are. Naturally, if you don't agree with our Terms of Use, please do not use this Web site.

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Thank You For Reading Our Site Policies


As an operator of a Web site, you are responsible to comply with Internet privacy laws. You will need to add proper policy pages to protect yourself from a needless lawsuit.

AutoWebLaw Pro was used to generate all our policy pages. We could not have prepared these pages without this practical, online resource. Our thanks to its authors for providing such an affordable, up-to-date, and easy-to-use service.

The Julia Project Foundation did not receive a promotional copy and/or other material compensation, in order to facilitate his Honest Opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for AutoWebLaw.

Julia and Jill Carty, Founder of The Julia Project

Julia, our charity's namesake, and I extend a warm welcome to you.
—Jill Carty, Founder

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